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Why New Waters?

I once sat beside a creek for an hour or so.  I sat still and watched the water flow, bubbling over rocks and causing fallen leaves to swirl in intricate patterns in the current.  As I stared directly ahead of me at one focal point, I had the realization that I was constantly looking at new waters.  I had accepted the idea that the creek was one body, however, it was really an endless flow of new waters.  

This is how our stream of consciousness works too.  Thoughts come down the stream endlessly. Most of the time, I find that we hop on a leaf and ride that thought down the stream.  We attach ourselves to the thoughts and identify with them.  This is the root of our suffering.  Anxious thoughts swirl in our minds, depressed thoughts ruminate, angry thoughts rouse us to act out.  We let ourselves become attached to our thoughts and we suffer for it.  

I have found great power in finding a focal point and allowing thoughts to drift by instead of attaching myself to them.  This is part of the power of mindfulness and it is liberation.  

I invite you to first take notice of the new waters, to have insight into those new waters, and then embody those new waters. 

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