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What to Expect- Your First Visit

After you schedule an initial appointment, you will be emailed paperwork to fill out prior to your visit.  Please complete all relevant paperwork before your visit and bring it with you to the appointment.  When you arrive, wait in the waiting room until the counselor is ready for your appointment.  Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early. You may help yourself to refreshments in the waiting room. 

An initial visit will be different than other sessions that follow.  The first session is longer, about 90 minutes.  The counselor will be interviewing you and/or your child with the intent of trying to understand the nature of current and historical problems as well as strengths to build on.  This visit will help inform the direction to take in the following counseling visits. 

The paperwork and interview process are thorough.  Not everything will apply, but it is important that nothing is missed when informing the direction of counseling. 

The counselor will interview the identified client. Depending on the child's developmental age, parents and guardians may be asked to participate in the interview as well.  Often the counselor will ask the identified client or parent/guardian to step out into the waiting room during part of the interview. This is done to gain multiple perspectives of what is going on and affecting the client. 

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