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What to Expect at Counseling?

Your first session is called the intake visit.  The goal of the intake visit is to understand what your concerns are and to figure out how we can help you. By the end of this visit we will have a general direction and goal for therapy. This first visit usually takes about 90 minutes and is longer than other visits. It is possible that we may decide together during this visit that someone else could better help you. I will help to make a referral if this is the case. 

If you decide to enter counseling at New Waters Counseling, we will come up with at treatment plan together that includes goals of therapy, frequency of sessions, and some interventions that we will use in treatment. 

Many people come to counseling looking for an expert.  While we certainly have extensive training in counseling, you are the expert on yourself. Counseling is a team effort. We will work together to help you or your child achieve your positive outcomes. 

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