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Counseling for Children

Children face overwhelming challenges and can experience stress just as adults do.  Counseling can help children learn new ways to cope with these challenges and develop a positve concept of themselves.

At New Waters Counseling we see school-aged children as young as 8 years old.  

Playing is a way for children to communicate, learn, and explore.  I incorporate "play" into sessions to speak with children using their language.  Sometimes we play games, use a sand table, or use creative arts.  I aim to engage with the child at their level, rather than talking "at" them. 


When counseling children, I believe it is important to involve family in the sessions.  Typically, I will invite parents or family to join in during the end of a session.  This provides an opportunity for family to observe progress, ask questions, and continue to work on interventions at home in between sessions.  

Counseling a child can help them find a new path, often one that has a life-long positive impact.


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