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The Adventure of Starting a New Business

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

After fourteen plus years with an agency I decided it was time to start my own counseling business.

The name that I came up with for my counseling business fits in so many ways.

Initially it was an insight that came to me while meditating on a river bank. I came to see the flowing water as both one body- the river, and a compilation of continuous new waters. This insight was helpful for me to understand how thoughts and consiousness operate. The name came to signify my personal mindfulness practice.

The name is also appropriate for me because going out on my own, outside of working for an agency, is new waters for me. I spent over fourteen years working in a partial hospital setting. It was an experience that was both increadibly rewarding and very taxing at the same time. I am excited to bring my many experiences working with children and teens into this new adventure.

The transitions that happen in couneling for many people can feel like new and refreshing waters as well. It is my hope that this new adventure helps to introduce new, calm waters for many children, teens, and parents who feel tossed on stormy seas.

I invite you to join me in this new adventure. Find your calm waters at New Waters Counseling LLC.

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